The Gospel

We must be reminded of the Gospel every day because we forget the Gospel every day.

We must be reminded of the Gospel every day because we forget the Gospel every day.

According to the Scriptures the Gospel is the “truth” the Glory of God.  In summary it is this; Jesus the Christ, God’s Son humbled Himself stepping out of heaven to become a man born of a virgin, of the seed of David.  He lived a sinless life and laid down His life as a sacrificial atonement on the cross to satisfy God’s holy wrath against sinful man.  He was buried and God then raised Him from the dead on the third day for our justification.  He has ascended into heaven where He sits as the King of kings until the day He returns to judge the World that has rejected this truth.

He is calling you to salvation if you feel and hear His Spirit awakening within you the whole bodily knowledge that you are a sinner standing condemned under the penalty and the weight of His wrath & fury.  – In this helpless state of revelation if you feel total conviction of your sin and you hear His call to repent, then confess your sin and turn from your sins and receive the gift of saving faith enabling you to believe that your punishment has already been paid through the death of Jesus on the cross, and believe in your heart that God has extended to you the gift of eternal life through the resurrection of His Son Jesus from the grave.    –That is how we are to respond to the Gospel.  (the truth of God’s revealed glory through Jesus Christ!  {if you have never experienced that call then you are reading this for a reason, it is because God is pursuing you.  We are followers of Christ and we exist to display the Gospel to the World.}   

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